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This latest Nicholls Plant Hire blog will explain why you need a JCB Hire London for your next plant hire job.

What is JCB Hire London?

At Nicholls Plant, we have two JCB’s 3CX sitemasters with hydraulic breakers, augers and a wide variety of buckets available.

A JCB 3CX sitemaster is a construction machine that is used to move earth and other materials.

It has a digging arm and a bucket that can be used to scoop up earth and other materials.

The machine can also be fitted with a number of different attachments, such as a breaker or an auger that can be used to break up or move earth and other materials.

Take a look at some of the key features below!

  • Max engine power: 55 – 81kW
  • Operating Weight: 7,889 – 9,500kg
  • Max Dig Depth – 6.51m

What are the benefits of JCB Hire London?


Nicholls Plant Hire is proud of the performance of our JCB Hire London.

JCB’s innovative industry features have led the way in the site clearance industry.

The JCB 3CX Sitemaster boasts a new 6-speed autoshift transmission which reduces the travel times between sites up to 25% whilst saving fuel.


Our 3CX machines have new auto features that take automation to a higher level and make it more user-friendly.

Our auto features, Stop, 2WD, Seat Select, Drive Lever, Stabilisers, Interior Lights and Servo Models, make it much easier to use.

The new easy to read from screen display gives our operators up-to-date information on the health of machines with alerts should any issues arise.

Equipped with a speedometer and Powershift and Autoshift modes, the JCB Hire London machines are perfect for your plant hire needs.


JCB 3CX sitemasters are now new and improved to help greater fuel efficiency on the roads.

The improved loading and road performance helps reduce service costs with 10% less on-road travel time.

Our sitemasters are also equipped with automatic shut-off engines at an idle position to save fuel.


The JCB 3CX sitemasters are built for ultimate comfort, space and noise levels with the new advanced features and technology.

Our new spacious cabs are improved with progressive switch control technology, including HVAC controls and an Auto Drive lever.

You will not have to suffer with the ultimate smooth ride system with heated seats.

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