There’s only one name to choose when it comes to exceptional plant hire in the West London area, and that’s Nicholls Plant Hire!

Covering a vast area of West London, you’d think that our plant hire team would struggle to get to you on time and ready to get going on a job, right? Wrong.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable drivers and machinery on every job, completing work in a thorough and efficient manner. We’ll be there exactly when you need us!

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss each service on offer when choosing Nicholls’ for your plant hire needs in West London!

Plant Hire Services at Nicholls Plant Hire

Whatever size of the area you’re looking to clear, we offer the perfect groundworks and plant hire solution. You can choose from:



  • Site Clearance – Site clearances are always a team effort; that’s why you need the best team in Nicholls Plant Hire!
  • Trenches – Trenches can be tricky. Ensuring the correct depth for perfect drainage is a fine art and one that the Nicholls team have got down to a tee.
  • Rubble removal – Work can’t commence with rubble in the way; we’ve got the machinery on hand to get rubble removed in no time at all.
  • Foundation removal – All great work is built on solid foundations, as the saying goes. Our expert team can be on-site to help you start afresh on your latest project.
  • Ground levelling – This service works in tandem with foundation removal. When done together, it is the perfect way to commence work on a new building project.



For more on our plant hire services in West London, please call 0787 949 2790, email or click here