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In this latest Nicholls Plant Hire, we’ll discuss our Site Clearance services and how they can benefit your latest project.

Site Clearance London – Why is it important?

Site Clearance is an important process to understand when creating a site for development or construction.

Whether you want to put your trust in manual labour or hire specialist machinery such as JCB Sitemasters, Nicholls Plant Hire can provide exactly what you require.

Necessary for any major project, a site clearance in London is ideal for any project involving building work, such as building buildings, roads, and bridges.

Site Clearance is also important for ensuring all necessary safety measures are taken prior to any construction.

The purpose

The purpose of Site Clearances in London is to ensure that the land being worked on is suitable for the project.

For example, debris and uneven ground make it nigh on impossible for construction work to begin.

As such, this vital step in the development process should not be overlooked.

A site clearance should always be completed before any construction starts.

It’s essential to plan carefully and find an experienced Site Clearance service provider to get the job done correctly – that’s why you find yourself on Nicholls Plant Hire!

The process

The process of a Site Clearance in London can involve several stages and may include:

  • Clearing existing vegetation;
  • Testing ground stability;
  • Removing hazardous materials and objects;
  • Levelling uneven surfaces;
  • Stabilising slopes and banks;
  • Filling and compacting the ground;
  • Creating drainage systems.

When Site Clearance is complete, it’s essential that the area is checked for contamination, as well as for any hazardous materials or objects that might harm workers or interfere with construction work.

Depending on your needs, Nicholls Plant Hire can provide all of the above and then some!

All drivers have accredited CPCS cards and are fully insured, and we guarantee to provide prompt and professional service.

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