Looking for Water Bowser Hire in and around London and the Greater London area?

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At Nicholls Plant Hire, we’ve had expertise in Water Bowsers for decades. We can provide the level of customer service you’d expect from this level of experience.

In this latest blog, we’ll discuss our various water bowser hire packages and why for Water Bowsers in London, there really is no other than Nicholls Plant Hire!

An all-in-one solution

We know that on most construction jobs, there isn’t just a water bowser hire that needs taking care of!

Think you might need an all-in-one solution to your construction problems? It’s a one-call that solves all kinds of issues, scenario with Nicholls Plant Hire!

With one phone call, we can package together a JCB, mini digger and water bowser hire.

This is perfect for tests such as soakage testing, which are a crucial component of numerous construction projects.

Also available as part of a hire package with Nicholls Plant Hire are:

  • Site Clearances
  • Trenches
  • Rubble removal
  • Foundation removal
  • Ground levelling

When would I need to consider a Water Bowser?

Water Bowsers are used for many reasons in construction and plant hire. They could be:

  • Water Storage
  • Water Transportation
  • Static Water Bowsers
  • Site-Towable Water Bowsers
  • Highly-Towable Water Bowsers

Often needed on site for a considerable amount of time, water bowsers need regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that the product is consistently working as it should throughout your hire period.

Water Bowsers can be filled with a wide variety of liquids, from clean drinking water to more diverse liquids such as kerosene, diesel or petrol.

Perfect for those extended stays on site, site towable bowsers are designed to transport across any terrain.

Extremely durable, most vehicles can tow Water Bowsers with consummate ease!

Travelling long distances with your Water Bowser?

Highly towable water bowsers are designed to travel long distances via road. So no matter how far you have to travel to a site, the fluid you need will be transported safely and securely.

You can even attach a spray bar or sprinkler system to combat a construction site’s No. 1 enemy – dust!

Using a petrol-powered water bowser hire pump, you can make dust a thing of the past with a spray or sprinkle system.

Alternatively, you could rely on gravity to do the heavy lifting, as it is situated lower than the water tank!

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