Whether you’re working down by the River Thames or even in inner-city London, at Nicholls Plant Hire, we offer the perfect solution for your Water Bowser Hire in London!

In our latest NPH blog, we’ll run through what options are available for Water Bowser Hire London from Nicholls Plant Hire.

What is a Water Bowser?

A Water Bowser is used to transport liquids, where either the water mains have broken or used for construction purposes, moving fluids from site to site with ease.

Often provided with a trailer, a water bowser tank can carry vast amounts of either water, liquid fertiliser or AdBlue.

At Nicholls Plant Hire, we offer Water Bowser Hire London with a 2000L towable water bowser with 30m of pipe. We’ll even throw in a 4×4 to get your Water Bowser on the move!

In our expert opinion, this is the perfect set-up for Water Bowser Hire in London, even if you have access problems or soakage pit issues.

Where is a Water Bowser commonly used?

A Water Bowser Hire London is often used on construction sites and farms. They can often be used at events such as festivals to store and transport clean or wastewater too.

Using the 30m of pipe provided with a Water Bowser from Nicholls Plant Hire, you can fill the tank with large quantities of water in no time!

How do I hire a Water Bowser from NPH?

At Nicholls Plant Hire, we like to keep things simple. There are no multiple phone calls or back and forth; in one phone call, we can offer a complete package consisting of JCB/Mini Digger Hire and Water Bowser Hire. To find out more, contact us for a quote by calling the Nicholls Plant Hire team direct on 0787 949 2790 or click here to contact us online today!